Monday, April 1, 2013

Jeddy's Blend Video Testimonial - 3 year old.

I wanted to share these videos that I received from a mother who contacted me after using Jeddy's Blend. She was so amazed at how it affected her son that on the third application she video taped when he started to go into a tantrum. In her words below she explains what is happening. He is 3 years old. She purchased Jeddy's Blend and then sent me an email and the videos. 

Original Email

"My name is Samantha and I am interested in getting started with EO.  My son is three and in the past year we have been having a hard time with him.  We had him screened for autism and Asperger's but because he has language and points they said he does not meet the criteria.  However, the developmental pediatrician did say he has high anxiety, low adaptability, and high intensity.  I think the intensity with the anxiety is what we battle most.  He is always VERY stimulated and has difficulty sitting still or communicating his emotions without having a fit.  If an environment is loud or slightly chaotic he tends to shut down and just start crying.  So I was reading about this blend and was interested in possibly trying it on him to see if we noticed any improvements." - Samantha