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Jeddy's Blend Testimonials

NEW Jeddy's Blend Testimonials
It has been very exciting to receive so many testimonials from all over the world for how well Jeddy's Blend is working for kids and adults. I wanted to add all the new testimonials that have come in recently. The response has been amazing. Jeddy's Blend has not only had great success with Adults and Children for ADHD and ADD but so much more!
What started out as a blend I made for my son with severe ADHD has turned into a blend that does so much more for so many. Here are a few of the things that have been mentioned.  ADHD, ADD, Anxiety, Depression, Sleep, OCD, Sensory issues, Autism, Tantrums, Hot Flashes, Mood Swings, Stress, Anxiety in Dogs, Turners Syndrome, Pain and more.....

If you haven't read Jeddy's story click HERE.

“We use when we need to calm down and focus, or just calm down! I have some in a spray bottle which my 5 year old uses for "monster spray" at bed time - it keeps the monsters away and he relaxes!”

“Beth and I both are trying this. It helps me with anxiety and my daughter attention issues.”

“My son was having trouble staying on task and focused in class. We decided that we did not want to medicate until all other methods had been exhausted.. and we came across Jeddy's when a friend recommended it. After 10 days of Jeddy's, we noticed a tremendous change in our son's behavior, and more importantly, his teacher noticed one too! Jeddy's has been a Godsend for us.” - J

“Heard about this from a friend who's son uses it with great results. I was talking to my husband about it who has struggled with ADHD his whole life. His parents had him on ever drug imaginable with little to no help. All it did was turn him in to a zombie. He would live to try this as an alternative!”

“My son was having a bad day a few days ago and we remembered we had some Jeddy's Blend left so we used it on him again and he calmed down a bit and sat still for a while!!! Enough to at least catch his breath and let us catch ours!!!!”

“Jeddy's helps calm my daughter down when she's having one of her fits - LOVE it!”

“Use it every day!”

“I LOVE Jeddy's blend. It has helped my 11yr old daughter who has many health problems get off all her medication but 1 which is for seizures . I use it when i get stressed out and it calms me down. I am

“This is so much better than pills”

“Love Jeddy's blend!”

“After a medication change, I was feeling agitated and unable to sleep. Jeddy's on my feet really seemed to help.”

“Love it for helping my teenagers study for exams!!!”

“I bought it for a friend and tried it myself and loved it. I couldn't believe it really worked!”

“Use it for my kiddo on the Spectrum!”

“My son really likes this.”

“I use Jeddy's Blend to help with my own anxiety & focus during school lectures, as well as to help my 15yo brother who has behavioral issues. My anxious dog also gets some on her paws occasionally.”

“I use Jeddy's on my 4y.o. sensory seeker. Her teachers notice a difference in her behavior when we use it. She had even asked for me to put it at the base of her neck. She is a calmer kiddo with her Jeddy's on.”

“Its really helped with my anxiety! I diffuse it so often I think it's permeated the walls by now :p”

“Jeddy’s Blend has helped me and my son for our anxiety and my sons ADHD has gotten 20% better”

“Jeddy's has helped my son do SO much better in school. It's amazing.”

“Jeddy's Blend has helped my granddaughter, who has Turner's Syndrome and suffers greatly with OCD and anxiety issues. It helps her go to sleep at night and, more importantly, STAY asleep, helping her get the rest she needs. Thanks for the chance to win some more for her!”

“Had a great result using Jeddy's blend. It was with a friend who was going through a really tough time with one of her kids and feeling scattered and very anxious. I asked her if she'd mind if I diffused some essential oils and she said no, so I put a drop of Jeddy's into the diffuser. Within moments she was breathing in a more relaxed way and her whole countenance changed. It was amazing to watch and she was very happy to feel more centered and calm so quickly.”

“I love diffusing this when my daughter is doing homework! It helps her focus and sit still. It also helps with anxiety.”

“My high functioning autistic daughter is in 3rd grade and wears this everyday. She brings her own roller ball bottle and absolutely loves it! She is not a different girl, like some have reported. She is herself, but makes better choices. No zombie drugs for this kid! All of her classmates have cornered me at one time or another begging for their very own. I let them have a few swipes out of my bottle and I have the most chill volunteer time during my weekly shift. It's right up there every morning with packing a lunch and brushing teeth...applying Jeddy's.”

“Love Jeddy's blend. It helps my son calm a little.”

“My son uses JB on his children, it helps them to settle down and concentrate. I love it for stiff necks and sore muscles.”

“I use this for my daughter who has Asperger's and it helps her SO much!”

“I use JB on myself and my three year old and almost 1 year old every day. It helps me with patience, helps the 3yo make good choices, and helps the baby be happy!”

“I use it on my 6yo who has Apraxia. His stuttering is noticeably so much better with just the Jeddy's! My hubby also uses it when he's having a stressful day at work. It helps him stay focused.”

“My 8 yo uses this to help him focus is school and his behavior has improved so much his teacher has asked what the difference is.”

“I diffuse it in my computer lab's wonderful”

“Love Jeddy's Blend! I am a nanny and I use it when the kids (and even I) are starting to unravel- the oldest has Asperger's Syndrome and sometimes gets a little stressed or stuck on things, since we started diffusing Jeddy's Blend we have had fewer nights up worrying about the "what ifs". Jeddy's really has been a godsend for me and the kiddos I take care of!”

“I love it! It is so helpful to my son and I during our homeschooling day. It helps keep us both on track!”

“My son has been using it, the other day I used some after my shower, later that day I went to Walmart! I was there for 2.5 hrs. Coupons, calculator and lots of people. No once did I get upset. I was as calm and content as I ever been while grocery shopping.”

“I love love love Jeddy's!! I haven't been able to sleep through the night since I got pregnant and with a Jeddy's and zen combo sleep has been amazing!!”

“Love Jeddy's blend. It has been a lifesaver with my 6 year old. We apply it before school, before homework, and before bed. He also has a bottle at school.”

“I use Jeddy's Blend for myself. When I put it on at bedtime, all of the dogs (4 of my own and 1or 2 fosters) settle down quickly. And, it's like they can't get close enough! You can tell they like it. I like and shared. I have also been telling my friends about Jeddy's Blend.”

“Smelled some my friend got. loved it!”

“Love it for focus and calm in our classroom. I apply it, and become a human diffuser!”

“I have found many benefits to using this with myself and my daughter. Go natural as much as possible.”

“It helps our children settle down in the evenings”

“My son and nephew have both been using Jeddy's for focus at school. I love the way it smells too! I've recommended it to so many people!”

“Love my Jeddy's blend! I use it every day for my anxiety. And every day I am at work to help me stay calm and focused.”

“I love Jeddy's Blend! I've been using it for about a year. For my boys it helps them stay focused. When my youngest has a melt down I rub it into his feet while we talk and it calms him down. For me it's reduced my hot flashes amazingly:)”

“My job is very stressful, so I use Jeddy's Blend to keep my anxiety at bay. I also like to mix a little with the LXR blend.”

“Jeddy's Blend has changed my family's life forever! My son has autism and has had problems concentrating in school and having behavioral outbursts in school. We started using Jeddy's Blend back in August and haven't look back. He is doing so well in school! We couldn’t be more proud!

“I love JB because it helps my son focus at school.”

"I absolutely do not go a day without it. Good luck everyone!! Awesome stuff."

"I use it and i would love for my grandson and his mother to try it. this would be a good way to do that. i truly think it would help them both!!"

"I use it on my oldest son and my husband!! Both for focusing on school and at home :) Absolutely love this blend!!!"

“I use it on my grandsons and on myself...especially when they are around LOL”

“Love Jeddy's blend! It helps both my son and I!”

“I have seen dramatic changes in my grandson who is ADHD and has Aspergers. Calmer and more focused!

“I've used it a few times on myself but a couple of nights ago I used it on my children. They were wound up - yelling, fighting, generally out of control. I applied some Jeddy's to the bottoms of their feet and gave them instructions on what they needed to do while I put the youngest to bed. Fifteen minutes later, my girls had done everything I had asked without fighting AND decided to clean my bathroom while they waited for me! I believe I'll be carrying this with me from now on!”

“We love Jeddy's Blend as it has helped my family with anxiety issues..and saved my sanity during our move too.”

“I have given away several Jeddy's blend samples because I promote it whenever I see a post from someone. Not only that, I've had personal experience with it. I've seen it calm my very "anxious" adult son on on several occasions. Every time he comes over, he asks what I can make him up to help him sleep or calm down.”

“It smells great and it truly works!”

“I keep a bottle at work and all my co workers come find it when any of us are having a stressful day.”

“I bought this last year for my 8 and 10 yr old sons. Although neither has been diagnosed with adhd, my oldest shows symptoms. When we tried this, he was able to focus so much better at school and home. He doesn't enjoy reading but suddenly he was telling me about everything he read in his required daily readings. He never did that before. Amazing product! I have told so many friends about this and would love to gift a sample to them so they understand what I'm talking about.”

“I use this on my 7 year old daily to calm his nervous energy! We can all tell a big difference, including him!”

“It helps my whole family”

“Love Jeddy's blend ! I use it everyday, helps me stay focused and just feel happy all day !”

“I put this on my son every morning before he goes to preschool so that he can concentrate better and is more relaxed. He has SPD and this keeps him calm and focused enough he can work through some of the issues! I thank God everyday for this blend! Thank you!”

“Dori, I have been using Jeddy's Blend for about a year now. I read about it, told a friend about it for her young son. She had such good results that I tried it on myself to help elevate my moods. One day I tried it on my dog to help settle his nerves... AMAZING !! The other night I tried it on my other dog... a high strung little thing... AMAZING RESULTS again. 2 legged, 4 legged... we all benefit from this amazing non-drug!”

“Hubby in ICU with pneumonia, after a week of the flu. I'm stressed out can't sleep...oh yeah, I have JB in my bag....rolled across my tense muscles in neck and head, and on my wrist to smell as I fell asleep. Relief!!!! TKS Dori!!!”

“Jeddys blend helps my son who is mildly autistic, excel at school. There is such a noticeable difference in his ability to pay attention that he reminds me to put it on him!”

“I use Jeddy's everyday! It has helped so much with my anxiety. Haven't had to take any anti-anxiety meds in months! Also use it on my min pin, it calms him & helps him not to bite his daddy!”

“We use Jeddy's Blend every night. Works wonders!”

“Jeddys has been such a blessing to my family! Adopting a 15 year old with multiple diagnoses, we use it often...for all of us!”

“Grown son is using it with good results! Gotta love Jeddy's.”

“I have struggled with anxiety in the past and knew it was not settling back down after giving birth to our third child. I had no idea how much it was affecting me until I diffused Jeddy's blend one night. After the relaxed feeling I had all evening and the fact that I fell asleep in a normal amount of time, I started diffusing and putting it on regularly. It has also helped my two year old calm down and be able to go to sleep a few times. I really need to start putting it on him and my three year old regularly as well.”

“I am thrilled to discover Jeddy's blend. We use it with my 14 year old granddaughter. We have had great results! She is more focused and calm.”

“I use JB on my son every day before school. He says it helps him be calm.”

“My granddaughter asks for it rubbed on her feet when she stays with me. Love the stuff.”

“Use it myself on mornings I teach.”

“I recently received my first bottle of Jeddy's Blend, and now I use it often, a couple times a week at least. I'm bipolar and have ADD & I find it really helps with my anxiety, irritability, and concentration. Sometimes I use it on my feet, other times I use it on my pulse points like perfume. Jeddy's and Bliss have been my saviors!”

“Just bought my first bottle of Jeddy's Blend last month. Both hubby and adult daughter noticed it helped their ADD. So excited!”

“I purchased a bottle to use on my boys. When they are having really bad days, can't concentrate, or are just all around miserable etc I put a drop in their feet and back of the neck and they become soo much more focused and not so irritable. This stuff is amazing.”

 "I was a sceptic at first until I diffused it in my son's room. This works making him calm and it smells awesome too!”

 "For my son. It helps in conjunction with his meds. I use Jeddy's blend in the diffuser too”

“A teacher friend of mine gave me a small bottle to use with my son. He is autistic with some serious sensory issues and it is very calming to him. (And me!)”

“I use this blend nearly everyday. I have terrible anxiety especially with all of the crazy weather we've had and the extra responsibility I have taken on recently. It's in my top 5 favorite EO's!”

“Helps my granddaughter in school. Second grade”

“Waiting on my next bottle to get here... my sanity saver”

“This really helps my anxiety and depression. I can actually focus now and I am so grateful.”

“Jeddy's blend has been a life-changer for my 30 year old daughter who has struggled with ADD since the second grade. My 9 year old grandson uses it as well for focus issues.”

“Been using it for my 11 year old to control her adhd rather than prescription it so much that we started using it on our other children and am starting to see wonderful benefits in them all! Love Jeddy's Blend!”

“Helps to calm my boy that has SPD and possible mild autism .Have tried before and would love to use again.”

“My daughter who is 9 has always been anxious. It wasn't until this year it actually manifested into IBS type symptoms. She has also always hated waking up in the morning for school. She literally would cry every morning when it was time to get up. So I began my search for an oil that would help. I read about Jeddy's blend and thought I should give it a try. I didn't have many oils at the time and thought it was gonna cost a fortune to order them all to make it. But then I learned of Spark Naturals and that they were carrying it so I took the plunge. We started using it the day it came and haven't looked back. The first morning she woke up she was in a good mood and no crying. It has helped her seem more calm and we only use it at night on her feet. I can't thank you enough. I share this story with all my friends because there is no other explanation, this stuff works. After having a child cry every morning for years to stop after the first time using this stuff is amazing.”

“Love Jeddy's blend. Wanted to take our grandson to the Hugh celebration for the FSU National Championship he has some special needs and noise is an issue. I put Jeddy's on his neck n wrists. He was able to stay in the stadium for a while but the most amazing thing was how calm he was just said it was too loud. But even more amazing thing we locked out keys in the car AAA took 2 hrs and he was fine just wished i had a small Jeddy's with me in my pocket”

“My daughter is a special ed teacher. She called a parent to tell them that their daughter was doing an amazing job of concentrating . Mom advised great I have been trying this oil blend, Jeddy. My daughter called me ASAP , mom, I need oils lol I have been trying to get her interested in oiled for a rock Jeddy "

“Jeddy's blend is very calming! Love it.”

“I use it for anxiety & on my 2 year old twins when they are throwing a tantrum. Love it.”

“It's life changing!”

“I use it on myself. Just started 4 weeks ago & as a mom of 3 (8 & under), it calms me naturally. I love it & so glad I took the leap of faith to give it a try!”

“I suffer from chronic pain and anxiety issues that go along with that. Jeddy's Blend helps me immensely with the anxiety issues and calms me down if I get angry.”

“I love Jeddy's blend! It helps me sleep better at night and it helps me concentrate during the day!”

 “Love this stuff! It helps calm the senses so I can sleep through the entire night!”

“Jeddys blend helps my very hyper ADHD child calm down and focus. It's amazing. He has already come off of some of his medication for ADHD because of Jeddy's blend. I would like to have one to leave at school for him.”

“Anxiety wonder blend.”

“I started looking for an alternative to ADHD medicine for my step son who wants to enter the military and can't do so on Meds. My daughter also struggles with ADHD and has been having a rough time in 3rd grade. I had read so many great testimonials and thought I would give it a try. diffused it right away and saw a difference in my step son first. I made a necklace for my daughter and saw her focus and listen to directions marks went up for the first time this year. My parents have noticed a difference in our house and now I am ordering some for them. Love love love it. Will not live without it ever again!”

“So calming...easy to wonderfully. What else is there to it.”

“I like to use it before I go to work helps with pre-work nerves.“

“Jeddy's blend has helped all three of my grandsons to calm down, be more patient, and they are more able to concentrate. Before Jeddy's blend life was very chaotic. The boys were doing very well. I thank God every day for this blend.”

“It has made all the difference in the world to my son's girlfriends son who is 2 1/2 & out of control. Not his fault, he was born addicted to methadone & the mother used prior to going on the methadone. I get it for him and use it at half the strength for his age.

“I have used Jeddy's Blend and it is wonderful for stress, anxiety, and staying grounded and focused.”

I diffuse Jeddy's Blend every night. My husband sleeps better. I also use it everyday for myself, my Boxer's love Jeddy's Blend.”

“I gave Jeddy's blend to my daughter for my grandson, what a difference it makes! I use it at night to sleep. Great stuff!”

What is in Jeddy's Blend?

Jeddy’s Blend contains: Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Ylang, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Spruce, Rosewood, Blue Tansy, Frankincense, Vetiver, Patchouli & Fractionated Coconut Oil.

How do you apply Jeddy's Blend?

Jeddy's Blend is applied to the feet and under the toes and then rub it in with your hands (you will also get the benefit of it). You can also apply it to the back of the neck, spine and on the wrists. 

Where can I order Jeddy's Blend?
Jeddy's Blend can be purchased on my site in a 5ml bottle for $29.50 or a 15ml bottle for $61.50. Each bottle will come with a free glass roller bottle that you can use for easier application.

You can follow Jeddy's Blend on Facebook and Riches to Rags Dori for updated information and testimonials.

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