Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How to apply Jeddy's Blend

How to apply Jeddy's Blend Salve

Jeddy's Blend Salve is diluted and ready to use on adults and children any age. It has great additional properties with the Organic Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Beeswax. It is aromatherapy friendly and is also great for your skin.

You can apply JBS to the bottom of your feet and massage before bed for a good nights sleep or a normal application. It can also be applied to the back of the neck and massaged for neck pain or for just a regular application. You can rub some on your hands and inhale for stress and anxiety.

How to apply Jeddy's Blend Essential Oil

Jeddy's Blend Oil comes with a roller bottle application for easier application. Although Jeddy's Blend comes with some Fractionated Coconut Oil and can be used from the bottle it can be diluted further if needed. I recommend adding half Fractionated Coconut Oil and half Jeddy's Blend in the roller bottle for the ages 10 and over. Jeddy's Blend can be applied to the bottom of the feet and rubbed in, on the back of the neck or on the wrists or spine. 

It is wonderful in a diffuser during homework time or stressful time so the whole house can benefit from it. I have never had a problem using it in my diffuser but it does have a small amount of Fractionated Coconut Oil so that is a personal choice.