Monday, April 1, 2013

Jeddy's Blend Video Testimonial - 3 year old.

I wanted to share these videos that I received from a mother who contacted me after using Jeddy's Blend. She was so amazed at how it affected her son that on the third application she video taped when he started to go into a tantrum. In her words below she explains what is happening. He is 3 years old. She purchased Jeddy's Blend and then sent me an email and the videos. 

Original Email

"My name is Samantha and I am interested in getting started with EO.  My son is three and in the past year we have been having a hard time with him.  We had him screened for autism and Asperger's but because he has language and points they said he does not meet the criteria.  However, the developmental pediatrician did say he has high anxiety, low adaptability, and high intensity.  I think the intensity with the anxiety is what we battle most.  He is always VERY stimulated and has difficulty sitting still or communicating his emotions without having a fit.  If an environment is loud or slightly chaotic he tends to shut down and just start crying.  So I was reading about this blend and was interested in possibly trying it on him to see if we noticed any improvements." - Samantha

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Jeddy's Blend Testimonials

I have had the privilege of working with the young man who is the
inspiration for Jeddy¹s blend for the past seven months.  I have observed
this young man closely in a 2nd grade classroom spanning across all subject
areas.  For the first six months or more this young man was very hard to
focus. He was easily distracted, he interrupted frequently, had a hard time
keeping his hands to himself, struggled to stay focused on his work and
struggled to focus during instruction times.  However the week before parent
teacher conferences I noticed a dramatic change in this individual. He was
focused, attentive, calm, respectful and the quality of work he submitted
was a vast improvement from the previous six months!  I was eager to find
out the reason for this transformation and was flabbergasted to discover
essential oils were the answer!  In my opinion the proof is in this young
man¹s remarkable change in the matter of a week after using Jeddy¹s blend.
Truthfully I wish I could share this with more hyperactive children who have
difficulty focusing attention to their task.  Thank you for giving this
young man a chance to demonstrate how successful he can be!  It¹s such a joy
to be able to interact with this young man and speak to him about how
intelligent, capable and amazing he is instead of focusing our conversations
on his disruptions.  - Jeddy's Second Grade Teacher 2013 Ms. Hough. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Jeddy's Blend - A Natural Alternative for ADHD

Jeddy's Blend

Hope for children with severe ADHD and other behavioral and mental disorders.

This is my boy. He is energetic, funny, happy and full of life. He has a heart of gold and has a love like I have never seen. This is Jed (aka Jeddy). Jed suffers from severe ADHD and struggles with it everyday. His has it pretty severe and he bursts out in screams of joy, fun, craziness all the time to release some of that energy.  Even as a little kid he was all over the place, he couldn't sit still, couldn't stop moving at any time, when he was sitting he would rock back and forth. When he went to school of course we started to get the calls.

 It is hard for a parent but I can't imagine how hard it must be for him to try and be still for a full day of class. The principle called us in when he was in 1st grade they actually made him sign a legal paper because he was so disruptive in class.  I was furious and he was devastated. She told us that we needed to get our son to the doctor and get him on medication and that there were lots of kids that were on it.  I knew at that point the something else needed to be done. 

I had been dabbling with Essential Oils for a while and believed that they could to wonderful things but never imagined it could help Jeddy with his challenges day to day. I was wrong. Once I got comfortable enough with the oils I decided that I was going to make a blend just for Jeddy. I did some research and I knew that he needed the big guns with the Essential Oils and that is when I came up with Jeddy's Blend.

 I told Jed that I had made a blend for him (he was used to the oils with everything else). I put it on him the first morning and told him to tell me how he felt when he got home from school and if it helped him. That night for the first time ever he came to me and asked for "that oil" because it made him feel better at school. I was shocked. He had never asked me for oils before. After one week it was time for Parent/Teacher Conference. Jed's teacher told us that he was normally all over the place and hard to settle down but the last week he was a different kid. We then told her about the oils and she was amazed. She has seen such a difference in him and we got permission to bring the blend to school so he could use it whenever he needed it. So far, it has been enough to just use it morning and night. They said as long as it is "all natural" he can bring it. 

This is all natural and I am so excited for him to get to do this. It is my mission to get the word out to these schools to try and help these children that so desperately need it. It is my hope that we can spread the word about Essential Oils to the world and help the many children and adults who need this natural alternative, a freedom they haven't experience and a new happy way of life. 

There are other blends out there that have worked but haven't worked for such a severe case as Jeddy's. I know this isn't a cure all but it has helped him so much, he is thriving in school. his reading is amazing and the best thing is that he knows it works and is willing to ask for it. I want my son and others out there dealing with this day to day to know that there is hope and a natural alternative to finding a better and happier place. 

                                             I am offering a chance for you to try Jeddy's blend. 

15ml bottle $61.50
5ml bottle $29.50

(price includes shipping within the US - additional charge outside of US)

How to apply

Roll onto feet liberally every morning and night. I apply to his feet before he puts his socks on for school where it can't be smelled by the other students. I apply it again when he gets home from school. I also diffuse Lavender in his room at night. 

How to purchase

Jeddy's Blend SALVE is available while supplies last. 

For more information on how to purchase these oil click HERE

I love this boy with all my heart and as a parent with a child who has suffered from this disorder I am truly grateful for the help that Essential Oils has given to my family. I am blessed to have found an alternative to modern medicine and hope that by sharing this with you that you will be able to benefit from them as well . Please share with others who may need this information. Thank you for all your support. 

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