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Jeddy's Blend Testimonials

I have had the privilege of working with the young man who is the
inspiration for Jeddy¹s blend for the past seven months.  I have observed
this young man closely in a 2nd grade classroom spanning across all subject
areas.  For the first six months or more this young man was very hard to
focus. He was easily distracted, he interrupted frequently, had a hard time
keeping his hands to himself, struggled to stay focused on his work and
struggled to focus during instruction times.  However the week before parent
teacher conferences I noticed a dramatic change in this individual. He was
focused, attentive, calm, respectful and the quality of work he submitted
was a vast improvement from the previous six months!  I was eager to find
out the reason for this transformation and was flabbergasted to discover
essential oils were the answer!  In my opinion the proof is in this young
man¹s remarkable change in the matter of a week after using Jeddy¹s blend.
Truthfully I wish I could share this with more hyperactive children who have
difficulty focusing attention to their task.  Thank you for giving this
young man a chance to demonstrate how successful he can be!  It¹s such a joy
to be able to interact with this young man and speak to him about how
intelligent, capable and amazing he is instead of focusing our conversations
on his disruptions.  - Jeddy's Second Grade Teacher 2013 Ms. Hough. 

Hi Dori,

I have been using your Jeddy's Blend on my kiddos with ADD and ADHD for the past couple of months and the change in my kids has been remarkable. My 5 year old was suffering from Anxiety and severe separation anxiety disorder, on top of his ADHD, the poor thing was always wreck but since using your blend that has all changed. I have been applying the blend 3 to 4 times a day on him as well as some lavender, which I layer on top of the blend. By doing this I have noticed that his anxiety is almost non existent and his separation anxiety is gone. His ADHD is also more in check and he is happier than ever...just like a little boy should be! Thank you so much for sharing this blend with us. Life seems more normal, less chaotic, and stress free now. We still have some rough days but not nearly as rough, or as often, thanks to Jeddy's Blend! - J


Hi Dori!

"We received the oil we ordered from you a little over a week and a half ago and I wanted to write and let you know how it is going!

Kaylen is our three year old with LOTS of life in her! She is spunky and fun loving and at times a little much to handle. She has very little attention span and moves constantly. Literally she cannot sit still. Focusing her mind is another thing we are always asking her to do. She gets distracted Very easily. Her age, some may say. But no. I have a five year old girl and another girl who is two. My two year old can sit through a fast picture book. Kaylen cannot.

That being said my husband decided to try the oils and We Are SO PLEASED!! Now we don't know what behavior changes Kaylen would have if we medicated her. Hopefully we will never know. I would guess though that she would be very calm, almost half asleep like. These oils give Kaylen the ability to sit and be. She is still full of life, but she is seemingly more in control of her actions and body instead of her body and mind racing ahead of her. It has been nice for my husband and I to see that , yes our Kaylen can have the ability to calm down and be in the moment. She always seemed to behave "crazy". Now she is just fun and as loving as ever.

Thank you for sharing your findings and oils with us. We are so thankful you devoted so much love and time into your son. You've changed the lives of others too!"

Best wishes~The Whitcomb's 

"I am about to order another bottle of Jeddy's Blend. It has helped my grandson so much. He is a lot calmer and focused. Thank you so much for sharing with us."

"Hi Dori! Austin still loves his oils- mostly as it has improved his quality of sleep. I have seen how it centers him and he is not so random- constantly changing subjects and talking over others as much as he used too!"

"Great news! For the first time all year Romier has has 6 days of smiley faces! This is great!"

"We tried this blend yesterday. I was disappointed because he had a horrible day. I retried it today along with a supplement from our health food store called Calm Advantage. It worked! My son has ADHD and had been on meds since he was 5. He is now 10 1/2 and been off meds for the last year! We used peaceful child also, and said the same thing, we need something different. I was in tears today because I, finally had my sweet boy back! He came in and asked if I needed help making dinner, something that always causes arguements among the kids. Then he asked if he could have a hug. He HATES giving hugs!! Thank you so much Jed's mom for coming up with this blend! And thank you Camp Wander for posting this on your blog! From a tearful, happy mom! "  -  Tammy
Hi Dori,
"The oils are working well! I used some on my wrists before I sent it with my kids and I slept so well for the first time in years. I have auto immune disorder due to Epstein Barr Viral infection and West Nile Viral infection as well as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I am sending another $58.00 thru Paypal to you. Please send out anouther 1/3 oz bottle."

"Hi Dori -
Yes I have used the oil for several days now. At first I didn't notice anything at all, but the last couple of days I feel calmer and more focused. I got so much done!  
I think this is something that is definitely worth a try for my readers. Are you going to continue to sell this? Anything else you can tell me? 

"Austin loves the oil blend!!! He has used it each night- without my prompting! That's saying something for a 19 yr old male!! : )

He says it helps him sleep soundly and he feels focused when he wakes up. When he starts back to school next week, he will use it in the mornings too.
I used the oil 2 nights myself and slept much better than normal.  ๐Ÿ˜€
Now my middle son who is home for the weekend, and suffers from restless legs, wants me to find him a blend!  I think we've started something !! I need to learn a whole lot more about E oils!!!
Thank you SO MUCH Dori for bringing this into our lives. Tell Jill thanks for blogging about it too." -
Candy K
"This stuff is amazing! I was sort of scared because I wanted it to work so well and I thought "ok, my mind is playing tricks on me". The first night that I used it, when I smelled it I got tingles, honestly! I thought to myself "ok, ok Teri...ok". I used it and I slept so soundly, it was amazing. I used it the next day in conjunction with my medication and I was so 'calm' for lack of a better word. I have been using the blend daily and just started to wean myself down on the medication. It is amazing, I love the smell and each time that I smell it I get that same tingle! I have been using it on my daughter who is non-verbal and living with Autism, she has been much more calm and "present". I wanted to wait a little while just to see if what I was experiencing was 'true' and it is! I love it Dori, I truly love it! I am also going to buy another bottle. It is amazing. It actually soothes me and I feel 'normal'! I use it on my daughter in the evenings and she calms down, attends a lot more and sleeps so well. I have also cut her back on one of the medications that she takes for sleep. In the past when I tried this she would wake up or not go to sleep at all. It is only by a small decrease, 0.125mg, but it made so much difference. For the past 3 days she's been decreased by the same amount and SHE IS SLEEPING PEACEFULLY THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT! This is a god-send. I keep waiting for something to happen for it to stop working. It has been about 8 days and it's still working! I love it, I love you for creating it Dori! Thank you, thank you... a million times thank you!"    - Teri

"Ok Dori,
Is this a fluke or what?!!!
Last night I put the oil on Nate's feet before bed (Daddy & mine too).
Nate got up took a shower, ate, got his gym clothes and went to the car AND put on his seat belt.........I didn't even remind him once.
We got a haircut after school and stopped at the store for a few things and had a GOOD TIME TOGETHER......
I put some more on him about 6 pm. The homework is done. He didn't engage his dad in a fuss when he usually would of done that. He ate dinner without complaint. There was a debate but it was actually a conversation not a fight.
I think I just lived a miracle today! I am anxious to see how the rest of the week goes. WOW."

"Hi! Just wanted to give you an update and ask a question. Jacob has improved-at times. He'll be good and calm and getting along and then something makes him mad and he just snaps. Same as before but not nearly as often. He's only been back to school for a couple of days because of spring break and so far no problems(that I have been told of). 
The breathe blend is awesome! All 3 kids will have coughs and drippy noses so I have been putting it in diffuser at bedtime and I haven't heard one cough at night since! Also, with the girls, they fall asleep alot faster than normal."    - Nicole
"We are almost finished with our first bottle of Jeddy's Blend, and my son really loves it! He says he can tell a difference at school. He went from having 5 or more subjects of homework to just 1 or 2 each night! I would love to win this for him! Thanks for sharing Jeddy's Blend with us! "
“Dori, We have experienced a MIRACLE!!! Madeline is a different child since we using Jeddy's blend! School work is being completed, she is focusing and even sat through a whole movie!!! First time ever! I need to make sure we don't run out!”

Hi Dori!
We received the oil and tried it over spring break and I definitely saw an improvement in my son’s behavior.  Today was his first day back after spring break--the true test!  I was so happy when I picked him up after school and he jumped in the car with a big smile, saying, “Mom, I got TWO smiley faces!!!”.  (He is in kindergarten and they have a planner that goes to and from school every day and the teachers usually mark a ๐Ÿ˜Š, ๐Ÿ˜, or ☹.)
Thanks again, I expect we’ll be ordering more soon!

Jeddy's blend has been awesome. Yesterday I had a horrible day with the verge of many panic attacks (I suffer from ADHD, Anxiety) and this blend prevented many full blown panic attacks and many crying spells. It is a winner for mommy:)

-I did exactly what Dori suggested. I put it on the bottom of his feet and toes and rubbed it in. I think I've been using a little too much, but I just rubbed the excess up the sides of his feet (used a little less today). We didn't put any on right after school, but did use a small amount before bed and he was asleep so much faster than usual. We put the oil on his feet before school this morning and he came home with another smiley face. 

I would like to give you some updates about my son situation. For the first 3 days he would "fight" the oil, saying that is a waste of money, time, he doesn't care and keeping on being angry all the time! Little by little he started to accept the oil and I believe he is half way better! Much calmer, he listens to the directions we give him, etc.
Many thanks and lots of gratitude from me!

I've started using EOs to help my 11 year old with her ADHD. She was diagnosed 2 years ago and has been on medication since. She went from a BMI of 27% (we run on the thinner side) to one of less than 4% in these last two years. She doesn't have an appetite half of the time and the other half she just doesn't seem to keep the weight on. I also thing with it hindering her weight gain it's also affecting her female development. I recently measured her for a knitting pattern, hoping I could squeeze her into the 10 year size of the pattern, she measured at the 8 year size. That was it. I had to find a different course. I've been using the inTune off and on and a friend of mine gave me a sample bottle of Jeddy's mix. I was apprehensive about trying her solely on oils in the middle of school, I didn't want her grades to suffer. So over Spring Break we went strictly oils. She loves them and at the end of the week she said she wanted to try school with just the oils. It's only been two weeks but the oils are just as effective as her medication in keeping her focused at school and her appetite is back with a vengeance. She has put on 2 pounds in the two weeks we've switched to oils, which is HUGE! So glad to have found this!! 

Originally, I got this for my 7 year old son who, although not fully diagnosed, suffers from a lot of the symptoms common with ADHD. Just like so many of the other testimonials I read before purchasing, I saw an almost immediate affect on my son. What I didn't expect was the reaction I got from my  5 year old daughter. One morning she asked me very nicely if she could try "the oil". We have been having some problems with her behavior as well, and since it's not chemical, I figured it couldn't hurt. Much to my amazement her behavior has improved as well. It's not as drastic a difference as my son but her mood swings are less intense and I've noticed that she is easier to reason with. 

Good morning! I wanted to get back to you about how amazing Jeddy's Blend has been for my son, Hunter! He's never been diagnosed with anything, but he is beyond hyperactive :)  I saw the blend on Camp Wander and decided to give it a try....we didn't have Patchouli so I made it without that. He's more calm, focused, and when "fits" do occur he is able to calm himself quicker and without a complete meltdown. Family members, daycare workers, and teachers have all seen the difference. Thank you so much!

I just wanted to send you an update. That has worked great for my son! I’m not really sure if it was the oils or just a mental thing but he is a new kid! I’m going to say both. We had him in a private Christian school from 3 years old until after kindergarten and decided to put him in public school for 1st grade. It was a huge adjustment for all of us and he was having a very difficult time with it. Jacob is very active and it is hard for him to concentrate very long on 1 thing. In private school they had a small class and a teacher with a heart of gold that worked really hard with them. Public school is very different. His teacher is great but with 22 kids it is very difficult to have the one that needs a lot of attention. So he was constantly getting in trouble, getting his desk moved, wasn’t doing well in school, things like that. I have always thought Jacob had a sort of ADHD but am against medication unless everything else has failed. Jacob’s also wasn’t bad enough. He is just a very active 7 year old. So when I saw this post on Jillee’s site I was sooo excited!! When we got it we sat down and talked about how this was just to help him focus and concentrate but he was still responsible for his attitude. This oil would not change that and he had to be in control of it. After the first week he was so excited in the difference it made. It really did help him concentrate and focus on his work. He has done better and learned more in the past month than he has all year. I have a friend who is going through a similar situation and she ordered the oil too and it has made a huge difference in her child as well! Thank you so much for sharing what you have learned with the rest of us. This was a huge answer to so many prayers!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!


I am a 56 yr old grandmother and didn't know I suffered from ADHD until a few years ago when I was diagnosed.  I was put on Adderal which is a wonderful thing, but didn't like the side affects nor the addictive properties. Being self employed my insurance does not cover prescriptions so I opted to discontinue its use.  I am the office manager of our own construction company and was finding it more and more difficult to manage the day to day operations due to my limitations.  I wholly believe in herbal/alternative medications and have been searching for something that would work for me.  I am new to essential oils which I found thru Jillee's emails and I believe I have found a miracle in a bottle! After using Jeddy's Blend for less than a week, I could tell a remarkable difference in myself.  I actually start and FINISH projects now and feel I am much more organized than in the past.  I admit I used entirely too much oil in the beginning ( I didn't realize a little goes a long way) so I just ordered the larger bottle of oil and will use it with greater care. I use it every day and will continue to in the future.  Thank You and God Bless you for all you do for others. 

Just wanted to say thank you! Jeddy's blend has been amazing. I wanted it for my son originally but I believe I have benefited more! My almost 3 year old ask for the oil durning tantrums and it calms him down a lot. I apply it to myself as well and it helps me deal with everything in a much better manner. Thank you, it's been a real life saver around here!

Hi Dori,
I received the small bottle of Jeddy's blend about 10 days ago and immediately starting using it on my 6 year old Autistic daughter. She has had disruptive sleep, some periods of time worse than others, and she has a lot of anxiety. I feel that she has been more relaxed since starting the blend. I roll it on her feet at bedtime and before school and then rub it in. Whatever is left on my hands I rub on her wrists. Four days ago when I rubbed her wrists, I noticed that the swelling had reduced on her cyst that had been produced by wrist snapping (excessive flapping) after a bout of scarlet fever that she was hospitalized for last year. Maybe it is just coincidence, but that cyst has been so swollen for a year now and I was afraid they would want to surgically remove it. Now it is less than half it's original size. I believe it is because she is more relaxed and her flapping has reduced just in the last week. She is also sleeping peacefully. Jeddy's blend has definitely helped our situation! 

"I just got a note from my son's teacher about how much better he is doing at school with focusing and participating. I can't thank you enough. I am nearly in tears." - Nancy

Hello Dori. I wrote you a while back inquiring about Jeddy's Blend for an almost 16 year old with testing anxiety. I wanted to let you know we've been using the blend for maybe a month now. My daughter says she sleeps so much more soundly now and rarely wakes up. Previously she would wake up 4-5 times a night. She's also been doing much better on tests at school. But the best "test" she has passed was today. She finally passed her learner's permit (driving) test. She had failed two previous times and she was so anxious. She said that once she got to the testing area she took a deep breath and felt calm and good. The night before I saw this information posted on Jillee's FB page, I looked to the sky and asked for an answer to my daughter's testing anxiety without having to resort to medications. And then this!! This was the answer for me. Thank you so much for this blend. I am going to need to order another one soon!!

Jeddy's Blend...Two days of using it! WOW! I was skeptical but he went through his multiplication flash cards without crying in a reasonable amount of time. He's passed out cold 20 mins after application tonight. I put it on him this morning before school and they had state testing for almost 3 hours. He actually said it was EASY! Wow is all I can say, thank you for Jeddy's Blend.

"Hi dori I just want to say thank you so much for sharing Jeddy's blendwith the world you have helped so many people. My mom introduced me to Jeddy's blend, she's a consistent user and I decided to try it out. I have really bad mood swings and the smallest of things would set me off. I'd over react and start pointless arguments with people in my life. Which was putting a lot of strain on my relationships withfriends and family. It was very stressful to hear everyone around me saying "Do you see yourself right now?" "Why are you so upset over nothing?" I didn't want to be stressing others out because of my mood swings and my wrong reactions to certain situations. In using Jeddy's blend I'am aware of my mood swings and my reactions. I think more rationally which allows me to handle situations appropriately and overall I'm calm, at ease and i don't feel so anxious on how my day is

going to pan out because of something that might set me off. I'm able to be carefree about my moods which is something I haven't had in what seems like years! Thank you dori for changing my life with Jeddy'sblend it has truly been a blessing to find it!"

I ordered a small bottle awhile back for my 4 year old nephew (who I babysit during the day) and it worked wonders! The first time I put it on he fell right asleep.. I may have used too much so I started putting on less and he was transformed! He started listening better and was nicer to the other kids I babysit. And when he felt like he was going to act naughty he would ask for more oil. Thank you so much for creating this blend! i just cant wait to get my new bottles because we have been out for awhile!! I hope the shipping gets sorted out and I get it soon!

Hi Dori,

    Well, here we are coming to end of the second bottle of Jeddy's Blend. We are still overwhelmed by the change in our granddaughter, Madeline. She is a different girl now and she herself loves this oil. She calls it God's oil as I told her that God has to grow all the plants that are used to get the essential oils from and so she said then they are God's Oil and it has just stuck, lol! Madeline is such a sweet little girl but suffered from lack of focus and so much extra energy that she couldn't sit still, watch a whole movie, complete her school work and sometimes she spoke so fast we couldn't even keep up with her. We had been called to her school just after spring break to speak to her teacher (my daughter and her two girls live with me and my husband) about her not getting her work done. It was very hard for us as she is so bright and has a memory that doesn't forget anything. She is in kindergarten and we thought she would fly right through it but we had been receiving so much unfinished work from her teacher to complete at home and even then it would take us a couple hours to do it as she just couldn't stay focused long enough to do it. It was just before our meeting that I read your sister's post about Jeddy and I mentioned it to my daughter. Also we had made an appointment with Madeline's pediatrition to see what we could do for her. The doctor doesn't like to prescribe meds but thought maybe we should try counselling (which we were not thrilled about).  When we had the meeting with the teacher she said we needed to do something to help Madeline. We asked if she thought Madeline was ADHD and she said she couldn't say as she was not allowed but was glad we were going to see our doctor (which was the next day). After the doctor visit I came home and ordered the Jeddy's blend and prayed. We never told Madeline what it was for except it might relax her. Well, that night, just like your son, she asked for more oil as her day at school had been awesome and ALL of her work had been completed at school!!!! Then we sat and watched a movie as a family and my daughter and I cried as Madeline sat on her Grandpa's lap through the WHOLE movie and never moved!!!! It has been a God send for us. Madeline has NEVER come home with unfinished work since and is getting an award on Tuesday for her hard work at school during their last assembly!!! She is so proud of herself and so are we.

"Dori, my grandson who i am raising has some anger issues. We started using Jeddy's Blend last week. I now have an entirely different boy. He still has his moments but now they are few and far between. He even asks for the oil and looks forward to having his feet rubbed Thank you thank you thank you." - A

"I wanted to tell you how happy I was to have Jeddy's Blend with me the other day. I have anxiety driving on expressways and was taking my teen with 3 of his friends on a 3 hour road trip. After hitting rush hour in Detroit, my anxiety was high and my neck was hurting from being so tense. Then I remembered I had the Jeddy's blend in my bag. I placed some on the back of my neck and across my chest Within 15 minutes I was relaxed and able to drive without the typical freaking out! THANK YOU!"

"Hi Dori,

You are a miracle worker!!! I cannot believe the change we've seen in (A) having used the Jeddy's blend for just a few days! WOW!! 

We've been through medication after medication on (A), all with horrible side-effects. Last spring/summer, he lost 25 lbs after completely losing his appetite with his medication (and he's not that big to be losing that muc
h weight). He's also a competitive swimmer so this type of appetite and weight loss isn't good for him. His moods were awful and he'd flip over anything. We tried altering his diet last summer when we'd had enough and took him off of the medication. However, once the school year started, it was back to being in the Principal's office everyday, getting calls from school daily, and teachers who were unwilling and unable to help him. Soooo, back on the medication. This time a non-stimulant one, which worked great, until we had to add on and supplement with another stimulant medication. He's done okay on the new stimulant medication but over the past few months, the dosage kept creeping up until we started seeing more side-effects: loss of appetite, weight loss (minimal this time but still), irritability. This week, I stopped giving him the stimulant medicine and used your Jeddy's Blend on his feet. Day 1, a little irritable but appetite was back. Day 2 and beyond, I have my "baby" back. He's eating great, there's no irritability, he's active, he's engaged, and he feels better!! (A) is highly gifted in school and his ADHD has been hindering so many things, now I feel like he has a chance to showcase all of his talents! The Gifted teacher in school sees his many wonderful attributes, now I hope that all of his teachers can recognize it.

I wanted to let you know how thrilled I am to have gotten this product from you and to see the results. I wanted it to work so badly but was skeptical that I'd be able to take him off the stimulant meds, I thought it would just help round out some of the side-effects. I shared the blog with "(A) psychiatrist back in April and he practices some Eastern medicine as well as the more traditional Western Psychiatry, which was important that we had a doctor who was willing to look at some alternative methods. He was very excited to see the ingredients in the blend and I cannot wait to go back this month and report how wonderful this has been for us!!

I put some on my 4-year old's feet as well. He's always been an awful sleeper--not anymore!!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! You have made a difference for our family!" - R

"Dori, after just two applications my little one is so much calmer. she is actually playing by herself without screaming at me to play with her. this morning she woke up a lot easier and in a great mood. Thank you, F"

"I sent your link to a friend of mine a fee weeks ago. I was hoping she could find some help for her little boy. Well, I am so very happy to say that she tried Jeddy's Blend & was pleased with effects.
Her little man takes a karate class... in the past he was very stressed in the class..."I can't do it"..." I don't want to try"... " It's too hard"... the fits of temp
er, the crying.y friend told me that this past Sat. he was so much more focused. He participated... he co-operated... he said " I don't think I can, but I'll try". She was very pleased. She said it was a fun time for them!
I wonder if people realize just how frustrating ADHD is for the child, too. They know they have troubles... they simply do not have "coping" skills. They simply CAN NOT help them selves. I am so thankful that cared enough to have come up with a safe solution. T hank you... simply, thank you!"- P

"I ordered a or so ago and got mine. I got the opportunity ( not by choice) to try it today to help with my anxiety/panic attack today. I am pleased to say it worked very well that I did not need to take any of my prescribed medication. Thank you so much for all that you do to offer Jeddy's Blend. " - K

I call this "miracle in a bottle. I can`t believe how much it has helped my daughter WHo suffers from epilepsy,migraines,ADD,white matter brain disease,auditory processing disorder. I have only been using about a month and its wonderful. I have my happy go lucky child back minus the stimulants.And when she does have a meltdown I rub it on her forehead and she calms down within seconds. 

"I took a.bottle of it to work with me because I left with a dull headache due to the weather. Rolled some on my temples & neck. No headache & still enjoying smelling it. I've also seen it calm my adult son who has serious anxiety issues. I would recommend it & have. I would love to be able split some bottles to give away for samples to anyone I think it would help."

This product has changed our lives! I have my son back: no tantrums, no bouncing off walls, no horrible side-effects from his stimulant medication. He even asks for the oil when he's starting to feel hyper! The first week we tried the oils, he sat through 6.5 hours a day of violin camp--with no medication, just the oil! He was focused and productive and I don't think he's ever sat for 6.5 hours focused and productive. We've even used it on my 4-year old with great results! We're loving this!

"I wanted to let you know that I have been using Jeddys Blend for 5 days with my 8 year old daughter. What a difference. I have been trying the natural ways for add since she was 4 and have not found anything like your product. Day 3 of the product was the first time in 2 years that she was not in her brothers face on the drive to daycare, she was just sitting relaxing in the car. He little brother was surprised. Them that I night I asked my daycare if she saw a difference in her and she said this was the first day that she did not have to tell her to give her brother space and she just sat happy and colored. And her coloring was perfect not sloppy like what is was before. This weekend she stayed up late and there were no issues is was fun to be with her. Today as I was shopping wih her it was so easy, no pulling on the cart or walking off or whining. I asked how she was feeling and she said her mind is calm. Thank you for giving my daughter her life back and no longer a prisoner to her over active mind. This is a god sent for us." - M

"I am a Grammy to a beautiful 5 year old little man. Kemper, has mild Cerebral Palsy, on the spectrum, and has recently been diagnosed with ADHD. I have purchased two bottles of Jeddy's blend, and not only does it do wonders for him, but he loves it. He is what most would consider non-verbal, although he "talks" all the time, whenever he's feeling "nervous," or overwhelmed, he will rub his little fingers over his wrist, and then point to his feet, we know what this means, and love that he communicates what he wants, the best way that he knows how. He loves to hold the cap and smell it, while I'm rubbing it into his little feet, and the whole time he's saying "MMMMMMM." Jeddy's Blend has helped Kemper SO MUCH, his focus is so much better, and I'm so excited about the wonderful results we'll see when he starts Kindergarten in a few weeks. Thank you Dori, for all you do for others. "

"Dori I just got my jeddys blend. Thank you! I didn't know where my other roller bottle was and I literally was handed your package at the moment when I went into my first panic attack that I've had in probably a year. I told my husband I was having one and he was like 'well I guess this came right in time' and he put it on me. Oh my gosh it helped so much. Normally I just use it with regular anxiety but you know when something works when you use it during an actual cant-breathe-getting-lightheaded panic attack. That is when it is sink or swim time. It worked just as well as my Xanax prescription. In fact it is superior to my liquid Xanax blend that is for sure. I took an Epsom salt bath with it after I calmed down a bit. Thank you so much for sending it my way " -M

"My grandson is 7 years old and has Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) the only medication for ODD that actually helps with the disorder are mood stabilizers but it only last about 4-5 hours and really sometimes they don’t even help. The side effects make him tired, he loves soccer but by half-time he is ready to set the rest of the game out. We tried Peaceful Child and that did not work then I found Camp Wander and the Save My Sanity sampler kit. I just have to say AMAZING OILS!! We put Jeddy’s blend on my grandson after we got home that evening. The evening went great he did not even get mad when told no (surprising). Before bed we put the blend on his feet and toes and he put it over his heart. Guess what, HE SLEEP ALL NIGHT again AMAZING. Saturday morning I put the blend on him before he got up, Saturday is our shopping day before Jeddy’s blend I really have to physic myself up to take grandson anywhere, even taking him to daycare can be a challenging if he does not want to go. Off to Wal-Mart we go about half way through I had told my grandson that I was proud of the way he was behaving he just smiled at me. The rest of the shopping trip was so pleasant and the remainder of the day also went so well my daughter and I could not stop praising Trevor on how well he was behaving. I think it even surprised him. Jeddy’s blend is amazing!!! Our hope is to be able to take my grandson off his medication. I wish I would have know about essential oils years ago.

Dori - I found out about Jeddy's Blend through Jillee's FB page and based on all the testimials I decided to try it for my 30 year old daughter who along with her three children, lives with me. She has what was classified by her physician as "off the charts" ADD. She had tried the perscribed Adderal but it had unpleasant side effects and she stopped taking it - she couldn't afford to continue with the ADD specialist she was seeing so she gave up. Her 8 year old son has not been diagnosed with ADD but we have seen the signs of focus issues. He is bright but struggles in school because of his inability to focus. It is with tears of joy that I can tell you that this Jeddy's Blend is a God send to my family!! The difference I saw was immediate! My daugher is more focused and the daily struggles for her are significantly diminshed and she is getting organized in all areas that were a struggle for her. My grandson is like a new child! After my daughter put his Jeddy's on him the other day he jumped up and hugged her and said, "Mom this stuff has changed my whole life" I can't begin to thank you enough for all the work that you put in to this as well as the work that went in to making this available to the public!! ~ a VERY grateful Mom and G-Ma 

Thanks so much. All 3 of my boys have diagnosis including ADD, Autism, Asperger's and Depression. I've used essential oils since 1993 and am a massage therapist but I was still skeptical. So I began experimenting with Jeddy's blend first on myself and really enjoyed the benefits. Today I enlisted my (15 y.o) son to put it on my feet. Well, that got him interested in it and asked what it was for and before I knew it he had rubbed his feet with it and wanted me to add some to his spine. The 5 y.o.(autism) witnessed all this and asked for same! Maybe even just smelling it on us had already begun the effect because he has never asked for massage, though I do it nightly after bath. After he was done he spoke very clearly and looking me in the eyes, said, "thank you , thank you very much". He continued on speaking very clearly and talking about many things I've never heard him say before.He was intereactive, playful and cheerful. Can't wait to see what happens due to cumulative application. There really is something very beneficial in the combination, truely I'm grateful.

I am awaiting our 2nd bottle! The most often response I get is: "Alex is like a different kid! Are you doing something different at home?" My older son, who has a wandering mind, has said that he feels it keeps him focused and I've noticed his papers he brings home have little to zero doodles, when before they were not completed but filled with doodling... thank you Jeddys Blend!!!

“We use when we need to calm down and focus, or just calm down! I have some in a spray bottle which my 5 year old uses for "monster spray" at bed time - it keeps the monsters away and he relaxes!”

“Beth and I both are trying this. It helps me with anxiety and my daughter attention issues.”

“My son was having trouble staying on task and focused in class. We decided that we did not want to medicate until all other methods had been exhausted.. and we came across Jeddy's when a friend recommended it. After 10 days of Jeddy's, we noticed a tremendous change in our son's behavior, and more importantly, his teacher noticed one too! Jeddy's has been a Godsend for us.” - J

“Heard about this from a friend who's son uses it with great results. I was talking to my husband about it who has struggled with ADHD his whole life. His parents had him on ever drug imaginable with little to no help. All it did was turn him in to a zombie. He would live to try this as an alternative!”

“My son was having a bad day a few days ago and we remembered we had some Jeddy's Blend left so we used it on him again and he calmed down a bit and sat still for a while!!! Enough to at least catch his breath and let us catch ours!!!!”

“Jeddy's helps calm my daughter down when she's having one of her fits - LOVE it!”

“Use it every day!”

“I LOVE jeddys blend. It has helped my 11yr old daughter who has many health problems get off all her medication but 1 which is for seizures . I use it when i get stressed out and it calms me down. I am

“This is so much better than pills”

“Love Jeddy's blend!”

“After a medication change, I was feeling agitated and unable to sleep. Jeddy's on my feet really seemed to help.”

“Love it for helping my teenagers study for exams!!!”

“I bought it for a friend and tried it myself and loved it. I couldn't believe it really worked!”

“Use it for my kiddo on the Spectrum!”

“My son really likes this.”

“I use Jeddy's Blend to help with my own anxiety & focus during school lectures, as well as to help my 15yo brother who has behavioral issues. My anxious dog also gets some on her paws occasionally.”

“I use Jeddy's on my 4y.o. sensory seeker. Her teachers notice a difference in her behavior when we use it. She had even asked for me to put it at the base of her neck. She is a calmer kiddo with her Jeddy's on.”

“Its really helped with my anxiety! I diffuse it so often I think it's permeated the walls by now :p”

“Jeddy’s Blend has helped me and my son for our anxiety and my sons ADHD has gotten 20% better”

“Jeddy's has helped my son do SO much better in school. It's amazing.”

“Jeddy's Blend has helped my granddaughter, who has Turner's Syndrome and suffers greatly with OCD and anxiety issues. It helps her go to sleep at night and, more importantly, STAY asleep, helping her get the rest she needs. Thanks for the chance to win some more for her!”

“Had a great result using Jeddy's blend. It was with a friend who was going through a really tough time with one of her kids and feeling scattered and very anxious. I asked her if she'd mind if I diffused some essential oils and she said no, so I put a drop of Jeddy's into the diffuser. Within moments she was breathing in a more relaxed way and her whole countenance changed. It was amazing to watch and she was very happy to feel more centered and calm so quickly.”

“I love diffusing this when my daughter is doing homework! It helps her focus and sit still. It also helps with anxiety.”

“My high functioning autistic daughter is in 3rd grade and wears this everyday. She brings her own roller ball bottle and absolutely loves it! She is not a different girl, like some have reported. She is herself, but makes better choices. No zombie drugs for this kid! All of her classmates have cornered me at one time or another begging for their very own. I let them have a few swipes out of my bottle and I have the most chill volunteer time during my weekly shift. It's right up there every morning with packing a lunch and brushing teeth...applying Jeddy's.”

“Love Jeddys blend. It helps my son calm a little.”

“My son uses JB on his children, it helps them to settle down and concentrate. I love it for stiff necks and sore muscles.”

“I use this for my daughter who has Asperger and it helps her SO much!”

“I use JB on myself and my three year old and almost 1 year old every day. It helps me with patience, helps the 3yo make good choices, and helps the baby be happy!”

“I use it on my 6yo who has Apraxia. His stuttering is noticeably so much better with just the Jeddy's!
My hubby also uses it when he's having a stressful day at work. It helps him stay focused.”

“My 8 yo uses this to help him focus is school and his behavior has improved so much his teacher has asked what the difference is.”

“I diffuse it in my computer lab's wonderful”

“Love Jeddy's Blend! I am a nanny and I use it when the kids (and even I) are starting to unravel- the oldest has Aspergers Syndrome and sometimes gets a little stressed or stuck on things, since we started diffusing Jeddy's Blend we have had fewer nights up worrying about the "what ifs". Jeddy's really has been a godsend for me and the kiddos I take care of!”

“I love it! It is so helpful to my son and I during our homeschooling day. It helps keep us both on track!”

“My son has been using it, the other day I used some after my shower, later that day I went to Walmart! I was there for 2.5 hrs. Coupons, calculator and lots of people. No once did I get upset. I was as calm and content as I ever been while grocery shopping.”

“I love love love Jeddys!! I haven't been able to sleep through the night since I got pregnant and with a jeddys and zen combo sleep has been amazing!!”

“Love Jeddy's blend. It has been a lifesaver with my 6 year old. We apply it before school, before homework, and before bed. He also has a bottle at school.”

“I use Jeddy's Blend for myself. When I put it on at bedtime, all of the dogs (4 of my own and 1or 2 fosters) settle down quickly. And, it's like they can't get close enough! You can tell they like it. I like and shared. I have also been telling my friends about Jeddy's Blend.”

“Smelled some my friend got. loved it!”

“Love it for focus and calm in our classroom. I apply it, and become a human diffuser!”

“I have found many benefits to using this with myself and my daughter. Go natural as much as possible.”

“It helps our children settle down in the evenings”

“My son and nephew have both been using Jeddy's for focus at school. I love the way it smells too! I've recommended it to so many people!”

“Love my Jeddy's blend! I use it every day for my anxiety. And every day I am at work to help me stay calm and focused.”

“I love Jeddys Blend! I've been using it for about a year. For my boys it helps them stay focused. When my youngest has a melt down I rub it into his feet while we talk and it calms him down. For me it's reduced my hot flashes amazingly:)”

“My job is very stressful, so I use Jeddys Blend to keep my anxiety at bay. I also like to mix a little with the LXR blend.”

“Jeddy's Blend has changed my family's life forever! My son has autism and has had problems concentrating in school and having behavioral outbursts in school. We started using Jeddy's Blend back in August and haven't look back. He is doing so well in school! We couldn’t be more proud!

“I love JB because it helps my son focus at school.”

"I absolutely do not go a day without it. Good luck everyone!! Awesome stuff."

 "I use it on my oldest son and my husband!! Both for focusing on school and at home :) Absolutely love this blend!!!"

“I use it on my grandsons and on myself...especially when they are around LOL”

“Love jeddys blend! It helps both my son and I!”

“I have seen dramatic changes in my grandson who is ADHD and has Aspergers. Calmer and more focused!

“I've used it a few times on myself but a couple of nights ago I used it on my children. They were wound up - yelling, fighting, generally out of control. I applied some Jeddy's to the bottoms of their feet and gave them instructions on what they needed to do while I put the youngest to bed. Fifteen minutes later, my girls had done everything I had asked without fighting AND decided to clean my bathroom while they waited for me! I believe I'll be carrying this with me from now on!”

“We love Jeddy's Blend as it has helped my family with anxiety issues..and saved my sanity during our move too.”

“I have given away several Jeddy's blend samples because I promote it whenever I see a post from someone. Not only that, I've had personal experience with it. I've seen it calm my very "anxious" adult son on on several occasions. Everytime he comes over, he asks what I can make him up to help him sleep or calm down.”

“It smells great and it truly works!”

“I keep a bottle at work and all my co workers come find it when ay of us are having a stressful day.”

“I bought this last year for my 8 and 10 yr old sons. Although neither has been diagnosed with adhd, my oldest shows symptoms. When we tried this, he was able to focus so much better at school and home. He doesn't enjoy reading but suddenly he was telling me about everything he read in his required daily readings. He never did that before. Amazing product! I have told so many friends about this and would love to gift a sample to them so they understand what I'm talking about.”

“I use this on my 7 year old daily to calm his nervous energy! We can all tell a big difference, including him!”

“It helps my whole family”

“Love jeddys blend ! I use it everyday, helps me stay focused and just feel happy all day !”

“I put this on my son every morning before he goes to preschool so that he can concentrate better and is more relaxed. He has SPD and this keeps him calm and focused enough he can work through some of the issues! I thank God everyday for this blend! Thank you!”

“Dori, I have been using Jeddy's Blend for about a year now. I read about it, told a friend about it for her young son. She had such good results that I tried it on myself to help elevate my moods. One day I tried it on my dog to help settle his nerves... AMAZING !! The other night I tried it on my other dog... a high strung little thing... AMAZING RESULTS again. 2 legged, 4 legged... we all benefit from this amazing non-drug!”

“Hubby in ICU with pneumonia, after a week of the flu. I'm stressed out can't sleep...oh yeah, I have JB in my bag....rolled across my tense muscles in neck and head, and on my wrist to smell as I fell asleep. Relief!!!! TKS Dori!!!”

“Jeddys blend helps my son who is mildly autistic, excel at school. There is such a noticable difference in his ability to pay attention that he reminds me to put it on him!”

“I use Jeddy's everday! It has helped so much with my anxiety. Haven't had to take any anti-anxiety meds in months! Also use it on my min pin, it calms him & helps him not to bite his daddy!”

“We use Jeddy's Blend every night. Works wonders!”

“Jeddys has been such a blessing to my family! Adopting a 15 year old with multiple diagnoses, we use it often...for all of us!”

“Grown son is using it with good results! Gotta love Jeddys.”

“I have struggled with anxiety in the past and knew it was not settling back down after giving birth to our third child. I had no idea how much it was affecting me until I diffused jeddy's blend one night. After the relaxed feeling I had all evening and the fact that I fell asleep in a normal amount of time, I started diffusing and putting it on regularly. It has also helped my two year old calm down and be able to go to sleep a few times. I really need to start putting it on him and my three year old regularly as well.”

“I am thrilled to discover Jeddy's blend. We use it with my 14 year old grandaughter. We have had great results! She is more focused and calm.”

“I use JB on my son every day before school. He says it helps him be calm.”

“My granddaughter asks for it rubbed on her feet when she stays with me. Love the stuff.”

“Use it myself on mornings I teach.”

“I recently received my first bottle of Jeddy's Blend, and now I use it often, a couple times a week at least. I'm bipolar and have ADD & I find it really helps with my anxiety, irritability, and concentration. Sometimes I use it on my feet, other times I use it on my pulse points like perfume. Jeddy's and Bliss have been my saviors!”

“Just bought my first bottle of Jeddy's Blend last month. Both hubby and adult daughter noticed it helped their ADD. So excited!”

“I purchased a bottle to use on my boys. When they are having really bad days, can't concentrate, or are just all around miserable etc I put a drop in their feet and back of the neck and they become soo much more focused and not so irritable. This stuff is amazing.”

I was a sceptic at first until I diffused it in my son's room. This works making him calm and it smells awesome too!”

 “For my son. It helps in conjunction with his meds. I use Jeddy's blend in the diffuser too”

“A teacher friend of mine gave me a small bottle to use with my son. He is autistic with some serious sensory issues and it is very calming to him. (And me!)”

“I use this blend nearly everyday. I have terrible anxiety especially with all of the crazy weather we've had and the extra responsibility I have taken on recently. It's in my top 5 favorite EO's!”

“Helps my granddaughter in school. Second grade”

“Waiting on my next bottle to get here... my sanity saver”

“This really helps my anxiety and depression. I can actually focus now and I am so grateful.”

“Jeddy's blend has been a life-changer for my 30 year old daughter who has struggled with ADD since the second grade. My 9 year old grandson uses it as well for focus issues.”

“Been using it for my 11 year old to control her adhd rather than prescription it so much that we started using it on our other children and am starting to see wonderful benefits in them all! Love Jeddys Blend!”

“Helps to calm my boy that has SPD and possible mild autism .Have tried before and would love to use again.”

“My daughter who is 9 has always been anxious. It wasn't until this year it actually manifested into IBS type symtoms. She has also always hated waking up in the morning for school. She literally would cry every morning when it was time to get up. So I began my search for an oil that would help. I read about Jeddys blend and thought I should give it a try. I didn't have many oils at the time and thought it was gonna cost a fortune to order them all to make it. But then I learned of Spark Naturals and that they were carrying it so I took the plunge. We started using it the day it came and haven't looked back. The first morning she woke up she was in a good mood and no crying. It has helped her seem more calm and we only use it at night on her feet. I can't thank you enough. I share this story with all my friends because there is no other explanation, this stuff works.
After having a child cry every morning for years to stop after the first time using this stuff is amazing.”

“Love jeddys blend. Wanted to take our grandson to the Hugh celebration for the fsu national championship he has some special needs and noise is an issue. I put jeddys on his neck n wrists. He was able to stay in the stadium for a while but the most amazing thing was how calm he was just said it was too loud. But even more amazing thing we locked out keys in the car AAA took 2 hrs and he was fine just wished i had a small jeddys with me in my pocket”

“My daughter is a special ed teacher. She called a parent to tell them that their daughter was doing an amazing job of concentrating . Mom advised great I have been trying this oil blend, jeddy. My daughter called me ASAP , mom, I need oils lol I have been trying to get her interested in oiled for a rock " jeddy "

“Jeddy's blend is very calming! Love it.”

“I use it for anxiety & on my 2 year old twins when they are throwing a tantrum. Love it.”

“It's life changing!”

“I use it on myself. Just started 4 weeks ago & as a mom of 3 (8 & under), it calms me naturally. I love it & so glad I took the leap of faith to give it a try!”

“I suffer from chronic pain and anxiety issues that go along with that. Jeddy's Blend helps me immensely with the anxiety issues and calms me down if I get angry.”

“I love Jeddy's blend! It helps me sleep better at night and it helps me concentrate during the day!”

“Love this stuff! It helps calm the senses so I can sleep through the entire night!”

“Jeddys blend helps my very hyper ADHD child calm down and focus. It's amazing. He has already come off of some of his medication for ADHD because of Jeddys blend. I would like to have one to leave at school for him.”

“Anxiety wonder blend.”

“I started looking for an alternative to ADHD medicine for my step son who wants to enter the military and can't do so on Meds. My daughter also struggles with ADHD and has been having a rough time in 3rd grade. I had read so many great testimonials and thought I would give it a try. diffused it right away and saw a difference in my step son first. I made a necklace for my daughter and saw her focus and listen to directions marks went up for the first time this year. My parents have noticed a difference in our house and now I am ordering some for them. Love love love it. Will not live without it ever again!”

“So calming...easy to wonderfully. What else is there to it.”

“I like to use it before I go to work helps with pre-work nerves.“

“Jeddy's blend has helped all three of my grandsons to calm down, be more patient, and they are more able to concentrate. Before Jeddy's blend life was very chaotic. The boys were doing very well. I thank God every day for this blend.”

“It has made all the difference in the world to my son's girlfriends son who is 2 1/2 & out of control. Not his fault, he was born addicted to methadone & the mother used prior to going on the methadone. I get it for him and use it at half the strength for his age.

“I have used Jeddy's Blend and it is wonderful for stress, anxiety, and staying grounded and focused.”

I diffuse Jeddy's Blend every night. My husband sleeps better. I also use it everyday for myself, my Boxer's love Jeddy's Blend.”

“I gave Jeddy's blend to my daughter for my grandson, what a diffrence it makes! I use it at night to sleep. Great stuff!”

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